Over the last four years I have worked hard to improve the neighbourhoods we call home in Ward 14, and have had city finances and infrastructure at the forefront of my focus. Below are some of the highlights:


  1. Supported introduction of multi-year budgeting for City budget. Moodys credit rating agency has attributed this as a key factor in maintaining the City’s stellar AAA credit rating
  2. Past four years of budgets have lowered the City’s debt ratio 
  3. Successfully pushed to increase reserve funds to pay for much needed infrastructure repairs
  4. Initiated review of all city assets resulting in cost savings and selling off unproductive assets costing the city money year after year



  1. Worked with CN to complete much-needed rail intersections repairs
  2. Secured funding and completion of sidewalk projects where gaps existed, including along busy streets such as Pond Mills road between Bradley Ave and Wilton Grove, and Bradley between Millbank and Pond Mills
  3. Successfully pushed for an increase in City budget for winter maintenance. Resulted in clearing and salting of park pathways that connect to schools like Arthur Stringer
  4. Initiated study for noise barrier on the west side of Highbury Road



  1. Secured $100,000 in Canada150 Funding from the Federal Government, to support the removal of invasive species in the Westminster Ponds, and for an accessible pathway so everyone can enjoy the Ponds
  2. Supported residents’ request to add a walking trail which creates more access points to the Ponds from different parts of Ward 14
  3. Supported a new dog park on Commissioners Road which backs on to the Ponds
  4. Facilitated a new owner of the Parkwood Cottages, which will now become a sustainability centre



  1. Secured approximately $40 million in new investments for Southeast London including a new community centre, library, and fire-hall
  2. Supported removal of the ‘vacant tax’ rebate for commercial properties that was formerly in place. Plaza on north side of Commissioners which was formerly mostly vacant now has three new stores (a good start)
  3. In past four years, Council has approved the most amount of new development and housing in Ward 14 in over a decade
  4. New family centre off Osgoode which will help support families of all kinds including those living in social housing
  5. Worked with many in our community as well as our school board Trustees to finally get a public school in Summerside!



  1. Supported City’s Industrial Land Development Strategy which has allowed for significant economic growth. 2017 record year for land sales with 107.4 acres of land sold bringing in directly just over $5,000,000. In the last 2 years total sales were 168.2 acres which is expected to result in the creation of 1115 jobs
  2. $51.5 million expansion of the Nestle plant with 150 additional hires, and $7 million investment into Dr. Oetker plant creating 120 new jobs


  1. Brought forward pilot project to extend free overnight parking until November 1 as opposed to the former Labour Day cutoff. The success of this project led to supporting our new overnight parking permit system, where you can park year round for free overnight as long as there is now snowstorm and you register for a free permit
  2. Supported expansion of the BMO Soccer centre, resulting in even greater amount of space and time for people to play and to be able to attract major tournaments to London
  3. Initiated project to have Thames Valley Parkway trail system extended south through Glanworth with the hopes of ultimately connecting to St Thomas, Port Stanley, and the Great Canadian Trail