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  • Glenn Grainger
    commented 2018-09-12 13:39:35 -0400
    Hi Jared,

    I live in Ward 14 and I work in mental health here in London, ON. I also support live music as a concert promoter-I present the Open A Legend music competition at the Fireside Restaurant on Commissioners near Pond Mills and last March I brought Chuck Leavell from The Rolling Stones to the Aeolian Hall. My question for you is how do you plan to support the arts in Ward 14 and how do you plan to support London’s live music scene specifically? Much thx.
  • Nick Bowery
    commented 2018-09-07 19:44:08 -0400
  • Linda Goddard
    commented 2018-08-14 16:33:30 -0400
    I live at2031 Commissioners Rd E London ON N6M Canada

    There is a new subdivision going in across the street from me.

    They have just put in an island on the road in front of my home. Who ever thought this was a good idea did not do their research.

    We have almost been rear ended several times trying to get in our driveway from both directions.

    This is a 2 lane road with high traffic volume and people with a need for speed.

    My daughter was actually hit in our driveway by a car going straight on Commissioners last year.

    The person who farms the land is also having difficulty getting his larger machinery and vehicles in and out because of the island.

    Maybe someone should have looked into how many accidents there have been on this small stretch of road from Hamilton Rd/Old Victoria Rd to Jackson Rd. Many many vehicles have ended up in the ditch on either side of the road and many many accidents close to the Hamilton Rd light and Commissioners.

    They had the shoulder paved west of my home but did not come to my driveway with the paving. When winter comes and the snow is cleared from the road all that gravel is going to end up in the bottom of my driveway because he will have to move way over to accommodate the island. It is difficult enough to clean the bottom from the plow I am certain I will not be able to with the extra weight of gravel.

    This island is not a good idea and the solution I see is to only have an entrance and exit to the new subdivision from Hamilton Rd where they have already widened the road and put in turning lanes. There is no need for access from Commissioners.

    Please look into this and having the island removed as I do not want myself, my family or anyone else to be injured because of someone’s poor thinking, planning.

    Do your own investigation of how many accidents and people in the ditch occur on this small stretch.

    I am really hoping something can be done and in the meantime if they would pave the shoulder going east on Commissioners up to my driveway I would greatly appreciate it. It will allow us to get over from the traffic and not fill the driveway with gravel.

    I would also appreciate if the city would come and clear the overgrowth of weeds along the ditch in front. Maybe even fill in the ditch if there is no need for it.

    Thank you in advance, I hope to hear something positive from you.