Key Principles

I try to embody my work around key principles. As a Councillor, I often guide myself by saying less and doing more. If you watch council meetings or follow local media coverage you will see that I am not constantly in the news. This is because, as a citizen, I like when elected representatives get the job done without having to publicly pat themselves on the back.

Preparation. I work hard so that I have a full understanding of the issues we deal with. By speaking to others and doing the work ahead of time, I’m ready to raise important points and stand up on behalf of my community when it’s time to get the job done. What I won’t do is waste time grandstanding and repeating things that are already said. When I do speak, I keep my points short and sweet so that its easy find support from others on Council. Ward 14 and the rest of London have many priorities for Council, so the more effective we can be with our time, the better.

If you need me, you can find me! I make myself available to constituents and always try to come out personally to see what issues people are dealing with and work to find solutions. No one can promise that they will solve every issue, but I will always give you my best effort to do so.

We’re in this together. This is an incredibly important principle which I take to heart. Over my four years on council I have made an effort to build solid relationships, starting with the most important, the residents of our community in Ward 14. These relationships include individual residents, community and religious group leaders, resident associations, businesses, and stewards of the gems in our Ward like the Westminster Ponds. Finally, I think its important to keep good relationships at City Hall with other Councillors and our City staff, because without everyone’s support, less gets done in our Ward.

A better London. I am always trying to understand the key issues of importance, so that I can be a better representative for you at City Hall. There will be times when I disagree with the other Councillors or the actions of City staff, but I do this in an effort to make the best decisions possible, and not just to “score points” or get on the news. A city councillor is only as good as the people around them, which is why I listen closely to Ward residents and businesses and take those conversations back to productive meetings at City Hall.  

With your support in this election, I look forward to continuing to build relationships, and advocating for your priorities over the next four years. Together, we’ll continue to make Ward 14 and London a great place to live.