The list below includes a number of issues I plan to work on over the next four years. Much of what I accomplished in the last four years as Councillor was a result of ideas and issues you as ward 14 residents brought to my attention. Over the course of this campaign, I look forward to hearing more from you about the issues you feel are important and integrating them into my platform.

  1. Continue to support measures to reduce City debt ratio
  2. Continue pushing for more funds to be put toward reducing our infrastructure gap and making sure we have good well functioning infrastructure in our city and planning well for our future
  3. I commit to continuing direct mail communications to your door to keep you up to date on pressing matters in the ward and city wide issues
  4. With the success of recent town hall meetings on local issues I commit to doing a minimum of three town halls throughout the ward each year with more if necessary as specific issues of interest arise
  5. New review of our winter maintenance standards to see where people would like to see additional improvements
  6. Pushing to have noise barrier built along Highbury Road
  7. Continue efforts to connect the Thames Valley Parkway through Glanworth and on to St Thomas so we have regional trail connections on to the Great Canadian Trail
  8. Work with regional partners throughout Southwestern Ontario to:
    1. Foster a plan for regional economic development 
    2. Establish a regional transportation plan
    3. Create a protected Southwestern Ontario Agriculture belt so we can protect for years to come some of the best agricultural land in the world

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  • Ross Wyant
    commented 2018-10-21 14:58:57 -0400
    Jared, Where do you stand on the BRT? Seems to us that because of the monies that the federal and provincial governments are willing to donate? We seem to think that it’s free money ?where as lights synchronized and underpasses and Veterans Parkyway improved these issues should certainly help our traffic problems.we now have bus services to Airport and other manufacturing areas that we did not have in the past